Canine Connection With Heart

My video presentation is unique in that I share my own personal journey in seeing, experiencing and connecting with my own dogs and hundreds of rescued dogs and puppies in a completely different way. I've developed a toolkit of best practices to build a sense of well being that allows you to connect more deeply with your dog. Dog's have the ability to draw love in increasing the odds that we can radiate love out. I hope that my program will spark your imagination, touch your heart and create a great opportunity to explore the realms of possibilities to enrich and embrace you and your dog's life in amazing ways.

Benefits Gained From a Deeper Connection

Dog's Benefits Resulting in:

*Learn what's most important
for your dog's happiness

*Reduction in Negative behaviors

*Reduce anxiety  & increase Calmness

*Create a happier more playful dog

* Dogs can express greater affection, warmth and connection towards their owner

*Dogs are more attentive and easier to train

Owner's Benefits Resulting in:

*Create and Influence the quality of connection with your dog and yourself

* Learn how our emotions directly effect and speak to our dogs

*Learn how Dogs bring out the best in us

*Increased health and emotional benefits from greater affection and positive emotions shared with our dogs

*Learn the latest research about dog's cognitive, emotional and social intelligence

*Gain a greater insights, understanding and deep love and appreciation for your dog.

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