Testimonials for video Presentation

May the peace and love of the dog be yours as well.

I have had the honor of adopting a puppy from Susan. Through working with her in bringing my puppy home and participating in her online training, I can honestly say she is an amazing woman. Her knowledge of HeartMath, dog training, and own personal work makes her an excellent coach. As a massage therapist and yoga teacher myself, I appreciate her heart connection and taking training behind commands. Thank you, Susan!
Jackie Hyatt

l am thankful for the opportunity to listen to the Canine Connect presentation. I am very impressed with Susan's insightfulness and intuitiveness. I did get quite a bit out of this and appreciate the tools she gives to help communicate with your pup. She seems to genuinely understand how the pups think and feel and communicates with them quite effectively. While combining positive reinforcements and techniques for behavior modifications, Susan is able to help create well rounded and well balanced puppies. I have had the fortune to meet many of the pups that Susan has rescued and worked with and I can tell you that she knows what she's doing. They are totally different pups when they leave her care. They leave with happy and confident. I highly recommend this program to anyone that truly wants to understand and better communicate with their pups.
Joanne Crum