The Heart of Wellbeing

What is HeartMath?
HeartMath uses simple techniques to allow one to self-generate positive emotions, meeting life’s daily demands with composure and a sense of wellbeing while eliminating stress, balancing the body systems, improving health, performance, happiness and mental clarity.
Canine Connection and HeartMath.
In addition to standard HeartMath consultations I incorporate HeartMath into my dog programs since HeartMath is an invaluable tool to help folks develop presence, awareness, kindness and Intuitive intelligence. All of which contributes to the quality of one's life and connections to all life.

   Benefits of using HeartMath

• Develop a new, healthier baseline with feelings of safety and comfort rather than fear and anxiety
• Experience calmness, positive renewing emotions and wellbeing
• Quieting mental chatter and emotional unrest
• Increased energy, performance and ability to    focus
• Eliminate negative emotional triggers
• Access to creativity and intuition
• Learn to self-generate a calm positive emotional state

 Research shows HeartMath helps with….

Sleep Disorders
Drug and Alcohol addiction
Chronic Pain
Anxiety Disorders And more…  

This video is a good introduction to provide basic knowledge as to what HeartMath is. There are many health benefits, increased sense of  well-being and intuition that can be realized by utilizing HeartMath and much more.....

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