Canine Connection With Heart

Look deep into the heart of a dog and you will find your own.

Canine Connection with Heart was created to provide a foundation for realizing a deeper loving relationship with our dogs. For the past 10 years I have been caring for, transported and adopted out dogs/puppies to the New England and Mid-Atlantic states. I’ve often though how might I reach more people to share what happened, to allow me to experience and see dogs as well as all life through a different lens? I know that relationships can be transformative.  I also know that dogs can truly touch our hearts and bring out the best in us. We can transform our inner landscape and invite our dogs to join us when we come from a place of calmness and a heartfelt love. A deep relationship goes beyond words. Please join me to discover the insights and pathway to an enriching bond and love with your dog, yourself and all life.